December 2023: Extended lead times, winter wonderland and Christmas...

  •  It is that time of year again where we see extended lead times ahead of Christmas and New Year; it feels like it gets earlier every year!
  • Hopefully you have got most of your inputs stocked up, and orders in place which should cover you until the New Year. If not, please get in touch ASAP and we can see what we can do!
  • For the full newsletter:  December 23

November 2023: Foot and rumen health key to optimise performance this winter!

  • Every year we focus on foot and rumen health and rightly so, having issues associated with lameness and any compromise to rumen health (and therefore performance), costs the business more money than what we might expect!
  • For the full newsletter:  November 23

October 2023: Preparing for winter; forage update and amino acids...

  • Cows are being brought in, tups are getting put to the ewes and maize crops are pushing on, with many considering when best to cut! In this months newsletter, we have a grass silage update to what to expect this winter and we talk about protein efficiency; including protected amino acids to support cow production and without increasing costs. 
  • For the full newsletter:  October 23