About us

Rumen Supplies Ltd

Rumen Supplies Ltd is a national supplier of farm inputs, specialising in minerals, supplements, and hoof care. We are based in Cheshire and close to the motorway network allows us to deliver the right products at the right price, quickly. 

Each member of our team brings years of industry experience to their role and because we all come from farming backgrounds, we fully understand the challenges faced by farmers.

At Rumen Supplies Ltd we pride ourselves on providing high quality products, at low prices, with exceptional service.

To ensure our prices stay competitive, overheads are kept low as we do not have stores or reps on the road. Our experienced team can provide up to date and honest market information to help maximise your business savings.

We offer free technical advice to ensure your stock perform to their full potential.

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At Rumen Supplies we go the extra mile to ensure ordering is simple and hassle free. You can contact us 24/7