Mr R. in Cornwall

"I buy most my products from Rumen Supplies. All I do is send a quick text and my goods are here within a few days - nice and simple just how I like it."

Ms C. in Scotland

"I like buying off the website as I know exactly what I'm going to get and when, without sales reps pestering my all the time. I like how there's someone always on the end of the phone to help if needed, even at 7 in the morning."

Mr B. in Shropshire

"I got a price on some of our inputs from Rumen Supplies, they were significantly cheaper for exactly the same stuff which was even the same brand name. I'm just annoyed I've been wasting money buying elsewhere for so long!"

Mr E. in Lancashire

"I was sceptical about switching from my old supplier at first. When Rumen Supplies gave me a price for my bespoke mineral with a saving of £180/T, I had to try it. I now buy almost all my "pallet" products from them and haven't looked back."