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Dicalcium Phosphate (Dical Phosphate)

Offer your livestock the most commonly used and economic source of supplementary phosphorus.


40X25KG bags, total pallet size 1 metric tonne.

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Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP) is obtained by reaction of a calcium source with purified feed grade phosphoric acid. It is produced around the world, notably in China, Russia, and North Africa.

DCP offers the most commonly used and economic source of supplementary phosphorous for ruminant livestock.

DCP can be supplied as a powder or granules.

Usuage – general
Dicalcium Phosphate provides a good source of dietary Phosphorous and Calcium. The phosphorous in DCP is highly available during digestion.
It can be fed as a ‘straight’, normally by inclusion in TMR or home-mixed rations. It is also a constituent part of most Minerals, Mineral Buckets, compounds, and some blends & premixes.

Usage rates will vary according to other phosphorous sources in the diet, and in the dairy mineral.
Breeding stock generally have a larger requirement for Phosphorous compared to fattening animals.
Over feeding can result in high levels of phosphates in the dung, which may have implications when that dung is spread on the land.

DCP contains around 21% Calcium which makes it unsuitable for most Dry Cow situations. Magnesium Phosphate (Mag Phos) is a better source of phosphorous for Dry Cows.

Typical Analysis:
Phosphorous 18%
Calcium 21%

Handling & Storage:
DCP should be stored in a cool, dry place. It may go lumpy or hard if stored for extended periods.

Packaging: (powder and granules)
25kgs bags
1.2 tonne ‘tote’ bags
Bulk tipped
Bulk blown

There is a significant difference in price dependent on delivery destination, so please contact us for a quote.

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