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February 19, 2018
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Bergafat/Butterfat Extra

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Bergafat/Butterfat Extra

A superb quality protected fat; promoting butterfat percentage and milk yield to help maximise your milk solids output.

Depending on stage of lactation and level of feeding, using C16 fats typically results in a rise in butterfat of up to 0.4% and a milk yield increase of 1.5 litres/cow/day.

Extremely high in energy, particularly C16 fatty acids
• Drives butterfat production in the udder
• Improves milk yield

Protected from rumen degradation
• Extremely high melting point
• Will not interfere with fibre digestion in the rumen
• Energy is delivered to the small intestine where it is used very efficiently

Highly digestible
• High rate of feed conversion efficiency

Highly Palatable
• Unlike other protected fats it does not depress feed intakes

Lactating cows 200-500 g/head/day

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